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Product Planning

Product Planning

  What is product planning?
Product planning is the process of outlining business requirements and growth plans to build a blueprint of the products need for your company. Thinking through your business needs before jumping into implementation eases the installation process, and increases the likelihood that the solution you design will match your requirements now and in the future.
 How do I get started?
The first steps in crafting a plan are assessing current requirements and considering how your business will change over time. Here are some ideas to help you start the planning process:
Assess usage
Consider how users will interact with the system to define the features you need. For example, if you want to encourage collaboration, you might want to include those specific applications.
Gather input
Factor the needs of the various departments within your company into your  plan. Start by asking each group to define its requirements and specify the payback from requested features in terms of time or money saved. For example, your sales department might desire certain  features, while your finance department might require specific security measures.
Build in expansion
Detail, to the best of your knowledge, the direction your business is likely to take in the future. As you think about expansion, identify plans that might affect your needs, such as adding employees, geographic expansion, facilitating remote work, or the integration of new applications. Doing this now will be less expensive and time-consuming than replacing an inadequate product later.
Decide how to handle installation and management
As your solution comes into focus, decide whether you want to install and manage it in-house or outsource these tasks. Some products have become easier to administer over the years, so many small companies have found that handling management internally is increasingly cost-effective.
Address security
Build security features into your plans from the get-go to protect your company's assets. Common security precautions include location of product, passwords, and access.
 How can I get the most out of the product planning process?
You can enhance the foundation of your plan by addressing other considerations that may affect the integration, use and maintenance of your system.
Do not forget Staff training
While working with some products are simple, it does demand that employees adopt new habits. A training program will encourage staffers to take full advantage of your new products features. Build training time into your calendar, and offer follow-up sessions to address ongoing staff challenges and concerns.



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